New Features

Steve our technical genius has been busy programming new features to our bespoke software using Max For Live. Check out this screen shot showing some swanky new additions to The Drum Machine interface.

As is if the additions of ‘Thump-Kick’ and ‘Ringy-Snare’ weren’t enough, there are even more things that you can now do;

– The drum hits can now play at the same time on each station (was either/or on the last version)

– The midi clips are ‘observed’ so when new hits are made this shows instantly in the sequencer (before you would have to wait till the step came round)

– You can select a different midi clip (limited this to 4 clips)

– You can change the length of a clip (limited to 4 beats, 8beats, 16 beats ,32 beats)

– You can select between different sounds (limited to 4 sets)

– Now can see the name of the selected drum sounds

– The knobs are now linked to different parameters in each sound set, which update once a new sound is selected

– Knobs also display the name of the parameter its controlling

– The levers act as overall FX (they don’t change with different sounds selected)

We can’t wait to test these new features out. Watch this space!

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